Seminar Given: Effective use of google advertising for business promotion

by | Jun 5, 2018

Marinate conception crew member, Dr. Benny Wong, delivered a seminar on how to utilise google ad platform for effective brand communication with their target audience. During the seminar, he introduced some basic concept of online marketing:
1. Difference between CPC, CPM and CPV
2. ROI and their importance
3. Multi-channel marketing
4. Re-marketing concept
5. Sales funnel concept
6. Advertising message sequence for successful campaign.

During the later part of the seminar, Dr. Benny Wong shared some real case about how a business get real deal from internet. More than that, he shared one case about omni-channel marketing that make full use of every channel they got to out compete their competitor in the industry. That part triggered thoughts of attending audience that questions and questions coming after that.

Unfortunately, the Q&A session is too short for Dr. Benny Wong to sort out all the questions from all the audiences. He only catered some of them. But Marinate Conception are always keen on helping merchant and brand only for sorting out problems about branding, advertising, imaging, PR and some more.

If you got some problem for running a brand, you are always welcome to come to us for some consultation. We are happy to share our experience to anyone who are serious in getting their brand growth

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